Sunday, April 10, 2011

Treating Mental Illness The Medieval way

.....I have been reading Bede and his account of St. Oswald and the many miracles effected by the dirt on which he breathed his last. When one considers the demons and illnesses that a handful of dirt placed in a cup of water and drunk has cured, one has to wonder how much illness was due to micronutrient deficiency especially of minerals. It makes a case for orthomolecular psychiatry. As I often say, one has to eat one's peck of dirt before one dies.


Anachronist said...

Dirt is ok but worms? What about worms?

The Red Witch said...

@What about worms?

Why, that is for the Nibelungs. :-)

Tracy said...

Depends on the dirt! There's micronutrients, and there's Chlostridium botulinum, E coli and any number of other bacteria present, too.

I think a completely balanced diet (with veg grown on soil which is mineral rich) is a healthier option.

The Red Witch said...

There was no e. Coli until the mid-nineteen seventies. It was a newly evolved bacterium. Some of our pests did not exist back then.