Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking a Break

It will probably seen as though I have abandoned this blog since I have not updated it in six weeks. I have been working with Canadian heritage and history (I know, something for which I have been fully trained) and I do not want to write about that on a blog about the middle ages.
Perhaps I should create a new blog for history and literature with no particular time period. I have been doing alot of genealogical research lately as well. ( a popular subject which would probably get me more readers than my translations of Isidore of Seville have)
While I ponder this and other problems, I will leave the question of if I will retire this blog or not open.
Perhaps, if there any readers out there who have a strong opinion in favour of the blog continuing, they could indicate so in the comments because lately I have been feeling as though I am talking to myself here.