Monday, March 7, 2011

Alboin, King of the Langobards, part 3

Paul stops for an aside on the career of Narsis, Patrician of Rome, who seemed to be the leader trying to prevent the incursions of the Germanic tribes into Italy and sometimes the Gauls/Franks. Then the plague of Justinian sprang up and devastated the coastal regions of Italy as well as Constantinople. It sounds like Paul was reporting the Wild Hunt to have been heard throughout Italy at this time. Justinian dies and Justin becomes the emperor in the east. Since Narsis has become wealthy defending Italy, people start grumbling to Justin and his wife Sofia sends him a tool for weaving which is a big slap since only women weave and Narsis is a eunuch. Some trash talk follows and Narsis send to Alboin and the Langobards, who are his allies and still live in Pannonia, to come and live with him in Italy. Poor soil and cold winters or abundant fruit, grain, wine and sunshine. It was a no-brainer; they packed their things and headed for Italy. They also took their friends, the Saxons, along with them. There is a sign in the heavens of a fiery sword, gleaming with all the blood that is about to be spilt.
Alboin arrives at the borders of Italy where a mountain juts out which is later called the King's Mountain. There are some particularly large wild oxen or bison there which they feast on. Then they arrive at the borders of the Venetian lands which is the first Italian province west of Pannonia. He gives the rule of this land over to his nephew, Gisulf, and carries on. At this time, the king of the Franks, Chlotaire, dies and his kingdom is divided among his four sons. Benedict is the pope. The Huns attack Sigibert. After a snowy winter, there is a hot summer with a magnificent harvest. Sigibert marries Brunhilde. The Franks defeat the Huns. Narsis dies, leaving Italy wide open to Alboin. Then, Paul goes on to describe Italy and its city states. And tomorrow we will return to Alboin's rampage through Italy. :-)


Tracy said...

And tomorrow we will return to Alboin's rampage through Italy.
Can't wait!

Anachronist said...

Nibelungs at their finest!

The Red Witch said...

@Nibelungs at their finest

That is what I was thinking. Alboin has Etzel potential since he is from Pannonia.