Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More stories from the 'Romans'

#40 About the Beasts

Basil said in the Hexameron ( a book about the six days of creation), that certain beast are built for the purpose of working and have no value as food, such as horses, mules and asses. Other beasts are built for the purpose of eating and have no value for labor such as sheep, pigs, chickens, waterfowl and peacocks. There also are other beasts, which are not valuable for eating or for work but for guarding the home or purging it like dogs and cats: dogs guard, cats cleanse it.

#48 About the Mage and the World

It is told about a certain learned man who had a particular very beautiful garden, which was full of scented flowers, full of sweet fruit, full of abundance and delight. Whatever was delectable was there. He was never willing to reveal this place unless to fools and his enemies. And when they had been brought inside, they saw all and so much source of delight that they were astonished. When they would ask where they were, the answer to them was they were in paradise.


Tracy said...

Well, the word paradise does mean a walled garden, so it really was true!

Anachronist said...

He was never willing to reveal this place unless to fools and his enemies

A peculiar choice. Did he think that he might lose friends after showing them his garden? Did he kill his enemies afterwards? Thanks for the translations, btw!

The Red Witch said...

It is a peculiar choice. And you are welcome.