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Deeds of the Franks, Book 10, Chapter 39

Then our men held a council so that each man could give alms with prayers, so that God would choose he whom he wished to rule over the others and guide the city. They also ordered that all the dead Saracens to be thrown outside, before they got too stinky, since the city was nearly full with their cadavers. The surviving Saracens were dragging the dead before the exit of the gates and arranging a mountain of these, as if they were buildings. No one had ever heard of or seen so great a slaughter of pagan people because the pyre of them was arranged like pyramids, and no one knew the numbers of them except God alone. And Count Raymond had the emir and others who were with him given safe conduct all the way to Scalona(Ascalon), whole and unharmed.

On the eighth day after the city had been captured, they chose Duke Godfrey as prince of the city, who would subdue the pagans and guard the Christians. At the same time, they chose a patriarch, a very wise and honorable man by the name of Arnulf on the feast of St. Peter in Chains. Thus the city was captured by the Christians of God on the 15th day of July on the sixth day of the week (Saturday).

Meanwhile a messenger went to Tancred and Count Eustache, that they would prepare themselves to travel for the purpose of taking the city of Neopolitana. They left and lead with them many knights and foot soldiers and came to the city. And the inhabitants of the city surrendered themselves to them. Once more the Duke ordered them, that they come quickly to war which the emir of Babylon had prepared for us at the city Scalona(Ascalon). They, hurrying to seek the war with the Saracens, found a mountainous region and they came to Caesarea. Then, they, coming next to the sea at the city of Ramola, found many Arabs there who were the advance guards of the war. Our men, pursuing them, seized many of them who revealed all the plans for the battle, where they would be and how many there would be, and where they would be posted to fight against the Christians. Tancred, hearing this, immediately sent a messenger to Jerusalem to Duke Godfrey and the patriarch, and all the princes, saying "Let you know that war is being prepared for us at Ascalon. Therefore come quickly with all strength that you are able to muster." The the Duke ordered all, that they would faithfully be prepared to go to Asalon to meet our enemies. He exited the city on the third day of the week and with him went the patriarch and Robert Count of Flanders. The Bishop of Martirano went with them. The Count of St. Giles and Robert of Normandy said they would not go, unless they knew for certain there would be a war. (This happens to Raymond a lot) They arranged their knights so that some would travel to see if war truly broke out and they sent back many who soon would be prepared to go. They went and had witnessed the fight and quickly announced that they had seen it with their own eyes. Immediately the Duke, through the Bishop of Martirano whom he had taken along, ordered Jerusalem so that the knights who were there would ready themselves and come to the battle.

On the fourth day of the week, the princes left and fought the battle. The Bishop of Martirano returned (to Ascalon), carrying back words having been sent to the patriarch and the Duke. The Saracens coming out met him and lead the Bishop, having been seized, with them. Peter the Hermit stayed in Jerusalem, for reminding and instructing the Greeks and Latins and clerics that they should faithfully celebrate a procession for God and give alms with prayers so that God would give the victory to his own people. The clerics and priests, put their sacred vestments on and led a procession to the Temple of theLord, chanting masses and prayers so that he would defend the people.

The Arnulf that was chosen to be Patriarch appears to have been Adhemar's replacement and Raoul of Caen's teacher and friend. Raymond of Aguiler did not like him and also wrote that the other princes begged the Count of St. Giles to accept kingship of Jerusalem and he, very modestly turned it down. So when Duke Godfrey was then selected, he wanted Raymond out of the palace so he could set up his residence but Raymond did not want to give up the palace so another big argument broke out. I have to wonder if the other princes really did want Raymond be ruler of Jerusalem.

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