Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deeds of the Franks, Book 6, Chapter 15

Then William the Carpenter and Peter the Hermit, because of their great misfortune and misery, left in secret. Tancred, following them, caught them and brought them back in disgrace, they gave the right hand and a guarantee, to him, that they would gladly return to camp and give satisfaction to the leaders. Then, William lay down all night in the tent of Lord Bohemond like a bad thing. The next day, at first light, he went blushing and stood in the presence of Bohemond. Addressing him, Bohemond said: " O ruin and disgrace of all the Franks, shame and calamity of the Gauls, O most worthless of all those who tread upon the earth, why do you so shamefully flee? Perhaps in this you had wished to betray these knights and host of Christ, just you betrayed others in Spain." To this, he was completely silent, and no words proceeded from his mouth. Nearly all of the Franks had gotten together and had humbly asked that he permit no worse to be done to him. Bohemond nodded with a calm face and said: "This I would agree willingly to for your love, if he swears with a whole heart and mind to me that he will not withdraw from the journey to Jerusalem either for good or bad and Tancred will agree that nothing bad will happen to him either from him or his own men" Hearing these words, William ceased voluntarily and on the spot he was sent away. After William the Carpenter had been seized by the greatest wantonness, he was not long in delaying running away.

God has given this poverty and misery because of our transgressions, for in the whole host, no one could find a thousand knight who had good horses.


Anonymous said...

Woah, I thought Catholic guilt was bad now. What does the thousand knight with good horses refer to? I will take a look and see if I can find anything, just curious

Mary Sue

Tracy said...

And what about Peter the Hermit - is that in the next chapter?

The Red Witch said...

@And what about Peter the Hermit?

That was all Anonymous said about him at this point. I am surprised to find him here with Bohemond and even more surprised to see him trying to run away when the Crusade was his idea. Sort of.

@ What does the thousand knight with good horses refer to?

The cavalry was in such poor shape that they scarcely had enough of the right kind of horses for 1000 knights. Anonymous is saying this was a punishment by God because they were such sinful people.