Friday, May 14, 2010

Deeds of the Franks, Book 5, Chapter 13

All of our leaders had assembled together and arranged a plan, saying, "Let us build a fort on the heights of Mount Maregart (Al Marqab), where we will be able to be safe and secure from the threat of the Turks." Once the fort had been built and well fortified, all of the leaders would take turns guarding it. At last, grain and all food for the body began to be too dear before the birth of the Lord (Christmas). We inside the fort, did not dare to go outside, nor were we able to find anything in the land of the Christians for eating. No one dared to go into the land of the Saracens unless in a large group. Towards the end, our leaders set up a plan, where they would appoint people to bring back supplies. They formed this plan so that part of our men would go carefully to draw tariffs and others would guard the army, others would remain and faithfully guard our enemy. Then Bohemond said: "Gentlemen and most prudent knights, if you wish and it seems good to you, I will make this quest with the Count of Flanders." And after a most glorious and solemn Nativity had been celebrated, on Monday the second day of the week, they went out with others as well as 20,000 knights and footsoldiers, who were sound and unharmed and they went into the land of the Saracens. Of course there were gathering many Turks, Arabs and Saracens, who were from Jerusalem, Damascus, Aleppo and other regions, who were coming to give strength to Antioch. These, hearing that the people of the Christians would be lead through their land, prepared themselves to go to war against the Christians, and at the earliest daybreak they came to the place where our people were assembled. The barbarians divided themselves and formed two battle lines, one in front and the other in behind, desiring to encircle us on all sides. The distinguished Count of Flanders, who had all the way faithfully carried his arms daily bolstered by his faith and the sign of the cross, ran at them as one with Bohemond. Our men together made an attack on them. They immediately took flight, and quickly turned their backs to us. There were many dead from their numbers, and our men took their horses and others spoils. Others, who had remained alive, quickly fled and were lost to the wrath of perdition. We, returning with great leaps and bounds, praised and exalted the Trinity and the One God, who lives and reigns now and forever. Amen.

end of book 5, for anyone who is joining this account in the middle, Book 1, Chapter 1 is here.


Tracy said...

A peaceful way to spend Christmas! Joy to the world, peace to all mankind, and death to the barbarians!

The Red Witch said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!