Friday, August 22, 2014

Eat this! Mmmmmmmm!

     The February 6, 1832 Hampshire Telegraph was reporting on a duel between two lawyers over a case that had recently been tried in London. It was interesting but just below it was an even more interesting story.
    At the Queen Square Police station, a case had been heard about a dispute of wages between a master butcher and his journeyman. Part of the evidence heard was that the two had dressed an old cow that had died of udder disease and sold it to a sausage maker in Cow Cross. The journeyman also told the court that he had been hired to dig up some pigs which had died of disease and had been buried. They dressed those pigs and sold them to the same sausage maker.
     This is why we have and need government meat inspectors and they are worth every penny.


Unknown said...

Well, some things never change! There's the case of those California guys who sold cancer-stricken beef while the inspectors were on their lunch break.

The Red Witch said...

Ewwwwwww!! Makes you want to give up on meat!

Anachronist said...

That's why, dear ladies, I am a vegetarian.

The Red Witch said...

Sometimes there are issues with veggies but not as often as with meat.