Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking a Break

It will probably seen as though I have abandoned this blog since I have not updated it in six weeks. I have been working with Canadian heritage and history (I know, something for which I have been fully trained) and I do not want to write about that on a blog about the middle ages.
Perhaps I should create a new blog for history and literature with no particular time period. I have been doing alot of genealogical research lately as well. ( a popular subject which would probably get me more readers than my translations of Isidore of Seville have)
While I ponder this and other problems, I will leave the question of if I will retire this blog or not open.
Perhaps, if there any readers out there who have a strong opinion in favour of the blog continuing, they could indicate so in the comments because lately I have been feeling as though I am talking to myself here. 


Anachronist said...

Dear Red Witch - I would love you to continue. However, if you think you cannot do it any longer, well, feel free to abandon your blog. It is no use to write anything for one person. Still I am pretty convinced that I am not alone.

BTW it took me so long to visit and comment because I had a bathroom emergency - my bathtub rusted away and all the hell was let loose. ;(

The Red Witch said...

LOL that is ok. I am thinking of trying a new blog because I have been researching the War of 1812 and Canadian history plus genealogy. I have not read any medieval texts in a while so I wouldn't even have something to write about.
I will let you know if I start up a new blog on Canadian history and genealogy.