Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Did I Do?

There is a new Southern Vampire book out by Charlaine Harris called Deadlocked. When the last one came out, there was a magical object called the 'cluviel dor' in it. I engaged in some idle speculation as to what that object might be. My post can be read here.
So, on to my speculations about the object: *Spoiler alert* I think 'golden key' was a fine guess since it could open a way to Faerie but my guess 'golden thread of life' worked even better because it was how Sookie ultimately used the object - to bring someone back to life. I suspect that Sookie could have used it to bring Eric back to life, which I think is still a good hunch, in spite of Harris saying 'once a vampire, always a vampire.' Any object that can overcome death is a powerful item. However, it seems clear now that Sookie is not going to find happiness with Eric and Harris' answer reflected her intention that he would remain a vampire and did not reflect what the object could do. This outcome has made some fans of the series unhappy and probably accounts for some of the negative reviews.
I don't like that ending myself but I find the novel was still written with the usual quality of the previous eleven books.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean it's not going to work with Eric? I am loading up the book now, lol.

Anachronist said...

I am disenchanted with the series. Perhaps I will read it later and no, I am not surprised you got it right. Full points, my dear!!!

The Red Witch said...

The cluviel dor should have worked with Eric. Harris is not going to allow it to be used for him.
@Full points, my dear!!
Thank you! I feel like I was just lucky because the meaning of these things seem so serendipitous at times.