Sunday, June 5, 2011

Royal Botanical Gardens

I have been busy this last week, weeding and mulching my garden so I thought I would add this post about the Medieval Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario which I visited last summer. At left is a photo. It is rather small and is not meant to represent how a medieval garden was laid out by ordinary people; it shows the types of plants that people grew and the purposes for some of them.

I have some of this growing in my garden. It is good for basilisk attacks too.

This photo is a close but not so close view of the bed. I love summer. It is far too short here. The Royal Botanical Gardens at Burlington are lovely. I recommend a visit. And they have tea houses throughout so you can sit, have tea or beer and enjoy the view.


Tracy said...

Looks lovely! - And a teashop in a garden, how could I resist! (no visit to a garden is complete without a cream tea).

Anachronist said...

I am so pleased no basilisk will come near you! Lovely photos!

The Red Witch said...

I bought the Rue with basilisks in mind. :-)
Only problem with tea in a garden is it attracts wasps and sometimes bees.

Tracy said...

Bees aren't a problem, but you know how I feel about wasps. Nonetheless, I've eaten cream teas in several National Trust gardens and not been harassed by the little buggers.