Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ravens and Ash

It has been a while since I translated a story from the Gesta Romanorum or The Deeds of the Romans.
Here is story #110 About Ash and Ravens:

     "The philosopher reads in a book about animals that if one wishes to make it so that a raven, after it has built a nest in a tree, is never able to hatch chicks from its eggs, one should place ashes of glass (?) among the trees and, while those ashes are there, the raven will not produce chicks."

One would think shards of broken glass might I don't know that ashes of burnt glass would unsettle a nesting bird.


Anachronist said...

Ashes of burnt glass? Honestly was it worth it? I bet people knew more efficient and cheaper ways of getting rid of unwanted chicks. Like shaking the eggs.

The Red Witch said...

There is some wonky stuff in the Deeds of the Romans, like how Virgil (the poet) was also a sorcerer.