Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hagar the Horrible

I was translating some Old Norse and came across the word 'hagr' which has little to do with the cartoon since the word as an adjective means 'skilful' and the noun has even less to do with the Viking bumbler.
Hagar has been with us since 1973. When the original cartoonist, Dik Browne (who bore a slight resemblance to Hagar) died, his son, Chris Browne, continued the cartoon. It is a funny look at Vikings in the later part of the first millennium. Hagar raids castles but he does not seem to raid small villages or sell people into slavery like a real Viking. That would not be at all funny.
I found a website with 3,450 strips to look at. I like Hagar so I recommend it.


Tracy said...

I haven't seen a Hagar the Horrible cartoon for years! (Can't even remember which newspaper they used to appear in - but it'll be a red top tabloid - one of the ones I was brought up reading!)

Anachronist said...

Hagr made me think of Hagrid instantly...I know of Hagar the cartoon Viking. Nice but a tad too sanitized.

The Red Witch said...

Much too sanitized but there is little that is funny about the real viking raids. Hagar's appearance and character is based on his creator.

Kristin said...

I loved Hagar! Helga was pretty cool too.

Never made the Hagr/Hagrid connection. Nice one!

Anachronist said...

Thanks Kristin - I have my moments! ;)