Monday, February 21, 2011

About the Basilisk and the Mirror

Chapter 23 from the Deeds of the Romans

Alexander ruled, who obtained dominion over the whole earth. At this time, it happened, while he gathered a large army and besieged a certain city; he lost in that place many soldiers and other without any wounds. But when he wondered about this, he called his philosophers and said to them: "Magisters, how is this able to be; that suddenly without wounds, my soldiers are dying?" To him: "This is no wonder. A certain basilisk is upon the wall, by the sight of which the soldiers are being killed and dying." Alexander said: "And what is the remedy against the basilisk?" To whom they said: "The best mirror should be placed, raised up, between the army and the wall, where the basilisk is, and when the basilisk looks in the mirror, the view of itself, having been reflected, will be carried back to its very self and thus it will die." And thus it was done.


Anachronist said...

Lovely story!

Tracy said...

So what did they do with the basilisk's corpse? Surely they kept a memento of some kind of this rare deadly beastie once they'd killed it?

The Red Witch said...

Thanks. I might do a couple more this week for practice.
Maybe Pliny knows where the body went. He wrote about the basilisk, too.

Kristin said...

And then Slughorn extracted copious amounts of venom from the beast's fangs and got rich from selling it for ten thousand galleons an ounce to a young wizard named Harry Potter, who used it to render He Who Must Not Be Named mortal once more.

Which means Ron learned to fake Parseltongue for nothing.

The End. :))

The Red Witch said...

:-D I am sure he would have given it to his star pupil for free.

Anachronist said...

Who, Slughorn? Never! ;) He would trade it for a favour - buying him cristallized pineapple every day till the end of his life!