Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deeds of the Franks, Book One, Chapter Two

This really should be annotated but that would be an even larger task. I am keeping the translation literal as well. Perhaps I will put it together in order when it is all done.

In a word, the Gauls made up three parties. One group of Franks penetrated into the region of Hungary, of course this was Peter the Hermit, Duke Godfrey, his brother Baldwin, and Baldwin an associate from the mountain. These most important soldiers and others besides unknowing had come along the road that Charles the Great (Charlemagne), the wonderful king of the Franks, had caused to be built long ago all the way to Constantinople.
Peter speaking the truth came to Constantinople on the first of August and with him came the greatest part of the Alamanni. There they found the Lombards and Longobards and many other assembled, who the emperor had ordered to be given a 'market', as a courtesy, and he said to them, "Do not pass over the strait until the greatest strength of Christians has come, since you are not so many that you would prevail in battle with the Turks."
The Christians were wickedly misled by themselves because they were overwhelming the palace of the city and were burning and were firing lead shot by which they overwhelmed the assembly of the Greeks and betrayed them. Then the emperor was angry and ordered them to pass over strait. After they had crossed the sea, they did not cease to stir up all manner of bad things, ruining and devastating homes and churches. At last they came to Nicomedia, when they separated into two groups, the Lombards, the Longobards and the Alamanni from the Franks, because the Frank were swelling up with arrogance. The Lombards and the Longobards chose the senior from among themselves, who was named Rainold. The Alamanni did the same. They went into Romania and after four days arrived outside the city of Nice. They had found a fortified town which was named Exerogorgo(called by Anna Xerigordon) which had been emptied of people. They took ahold of this fort, in which they had found enough grain, wine and meat and an abundance of good things. Hearing that the Christians were at this fort, the Turks came and lay siege. Before the gate of the fort was a well and at the base of the fort was a lively fountain, to which Rainold withdrew beside, plotting against the Turks.
The Turks arriving on the true feast of Saint Micheal found Rainald and those with whom he was. The Turks slew many of these. Others fled into the fort, which the Turks immediately beseiged and cut off the water from.
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Tracy said...

Whoa, what a place to stop! :)

Kristin said...

Wait, what happens next?!?

Not to be the spelling Nazi, but in the first paragraph you wrote "Duke Godrey." I think that should be "Godfrey." Second paragraph, "mislead" should be "misled." :))

And gosh darn it, no Bohemond! :-))

The Red Witch said...

@Whoa, what a place to stop

Yeah, you know what is coming next.

I thought Godfrey looked funny. Thanks. Spelling is very important. The People's Crusade under Peter the Hermit was a huge disaster. Anna Comnena wrote about it as well.