Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beatles Song of the Whenever

Inter totum diem est - ego, me, meus,
ego, me, meus, ego, me, meus
Inter totum noctem est - ego, me, meus.
Nunc id reliquendi metuunt,
Omnes id texunt,
Totum temporis potente agunt.

Inter totum diem est - ego me, meus,
Ego, me, meus, ego, me, meus.
Totum quod possum audire est -
Ego, me, meus, ego, me, meus.
Et illae lacrimae sunt - ego, me, meus,
Nemo metuit de id ludendo, omnes id dicunt,
Vino liberius fluunt.

Inter totum diem est.......


Tracy said...

Once again, my lack of knowledge of Beatles songs defeats me - though i can translate some of the lyrics without too much difficulty - I'm still none the wiser as to which song :(

The Red Witch said...

ego, me, meus is repeated alot so that is your clue that it might be the title.

Tracy said...

True, but I'm not actually familar with the song.